5TH Thermal and Fluids Engineering
Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans, LA, USA
April 5-8, 2020
Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers


Two Special TFEC-2020 Sessions in Memory of D. Brian Spalding

April 5-8, 2020

ASTFE will commemorate the life and contributions of Prof. D. Brian Spalding to engineering sciences to coincide with the release of 50 Years of CFD in Engineering Sciences – A commemorative Volume in Memory of D. Brian Spalding by Springer Nature.

Two special sessions are being held in New Orleans from April 5-8 2020. A technical session is being organized to focus on presentations related to areas of interest where Spalding made a major contribution. Please submit your contributions per guidelines at https://submission.astfe.org/.
Please note that contributions will be Presentation-Only, and only an abstract need be submitted. The submission deadline is January 13. Please send an email to Prof. Ankur Jain (jaina) to indicate that your paper is for the Spalding Session.

The 2nd session will be for tributes or personal reminiscences related to B.Spalding in a time frame of 3 to 6 minutes. If you would like to participate in this session please send an email to runchal.