Technical Committees

(A) ASTFE committees on the thermal and fluid flow processes in the applications of:

  1. Energy, Water & Environment
  2. Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  3. Medicine, Health and Biosystems
  4. Equipment & Processes
  5. Electronics
  6. Propulsion & Transportation
  7. HVAC & Buildings

(B) ASTFE committees on the thermal and fluid flow processes in the basic phenomena of:

  1. Single phase flows
  2. Nano/Micro/Mini Scales
  3. Multiphase Systems
  4. Reacting Flows
  5. Advances in Computations
  6. Advances in Experimentation
  7. Conduction, Diffusion
  8. Radiation


We are looking for people who would take on a leadership role in the above technical areas. They would be responsible for the development and growth of these areas, including attracting members from industry, academia and national labs to the committee, spearheading specialized conferences and workshops, organizing sessions, inviting speakers and generating additional activities. They would have the flexibility and independence to pursue various ideas for the future development of the area under their purview. If you are interested, please contact any member of the ASTFE Executive Board.

Focused and Specialized Meetings

We are particularly interested in focused and specialized conferences, workshops, courses, and symposia that may be relatively small in size, for instance, in the range of 50-100 attendees. Such conferences and workshops could be organized at university campuses and be based on invited and contributed presentations. Being focused on certain topics, such meetings could have a significant impact on the overall field of thermal and fluids engineering. If anyone is interested in organizing such meetings, please contact any member of the Executive Board for further discussion and planning.