10TH Thermal and Fluids Engineering
Conference (Hybrid)
Partially online virtual and in person at George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA
Dates: March, 9-12, 2025


Authors are invited to submit abstracts covering, but not limited to, the following areas:

Track 1: Thermal Science

  • TS: Aerospace Applications
  • TS: Heat Pipes
  • TS: Innovations in Heat Exchangers
  • TS: Combustion, Fire and Fuels
  • TS: Electronics Cooling
  • TS: Heat Transfer in Multiphase Flows
  • TS: Flow and Heat Transfer in Materials Processing Science and Manufacturing
  • TS: Heat/Mass Transfer Enhancement Techniques
  • TS: Material Issues, Ceramics, Low Thermal Conductivity
  • TS: Radiation Heat Transfer
  • TS: Inverse Problems and Parameter Estimation in Heat Transfer

Track 3: Interdisiplinary Studies

  • ID: Experimental Methods/Tools in Fluid Mechanics and Heat/Mass Transfer
  • ID: Computational Methods/Tools in Thermal-Fluid Systems
  • ID: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Thermo-Fluid Engineering
  • ID: Fundamentals in Fluid Flow and Heat/Mass Transfer
  • ID: Flow and Heat Transfer in Biological Systems
  • ID: Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Industrial and Commercial Processes
  • ID: Electric, Magnetic, Flow and Thermal Phenomena in Micro and Nano-Scale Systems

Track 5: Educations and Ethics

  • EE: Advanements in Thermo-Fluids Education
  • EE: Ethics in Thermo-Fluid Engineering
  • EE: Innovations in Capstone Projects

Track 2: Fluid Dynamics

  • FD: Atomization
  • FD: Flow Instability
  • FD: Rheology of Nonlinear Materials and Complex Fluids
  • FD: Measurement and Modeling of Environmental Flows
  • FD: Multiphase Flows
  • FD: Nano and Micro Fluids Applications
  • FD: Turbulent Flows
  • FD: Aerodynamic Design and Analysis
  • FD: Turbomachinery
  • FD: Thin Film Fluid Phenomena

Track 4: Energy and Sustainability

  • ES: Carbon Capture and Sequestrations
  • ES: Heat Pumps and Innovative Cooling and Heating Systems
  • ES: Sustainable Buildings and Cities
  • ES: Alternative Energy Conversion Systems (Wind, Biomass, etc.)
  • ES: Energy Storage Systems
  • ES: Hydrogen Energy Systems
  • ES: Solar Energy Equipment and Processes
  • ES: Innovative Refrigeration Systems
  • ES: Nuclear Energy Systems
  • ES: Energy-Water-Food Nexus
  • ES: Novel Thermodynamic Cycles
  • ES: Thermal management of Energy Systems

Track 6: Competitions and Special Conference Program Elements

  • Nuclear Thermal Hydraulic CFD Competition
  • Students Poster Session
  • Students Projects: IRES