Board of Directors

ASTFE, Raise Fund to Support Our Young Research Leaders NSF Grant Supporting Student Leadership Training Dr. Brian Spalding - Tributes to an Exeptional Life
Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers



Yong Tao, President
Francine Battaglia, Senior Vice President
Yaroslav Chudnovsky, Vice President – Programs
Anna Berlinova, Managing Director
Yogesh Jaluria, Past President

Members at Large:

Membership: Michael Plesniak
Awards and honors: SA Sherif
Conferences and events: Sumanta Acharya
Industrial relations: Wayne Strasser
Fundraising and outreach: Vish Prasad
International collaborations: James Klausner

Advisory Board:

John Lloyd, Chairman
Gang Chen
Jinkook Lee
James Liburdy
Stathis Michaelides
Pamela Norris


Yelena Shafeyeva,
Begell House, Inc.